MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

Som de fleste vet er Benny opptatt av spaceships, så han driver nå å se på flere forskjellige typer. Det kommer han til å gjøre i flere uker framover, så følg med på BrikkeFrue for å få med deg Spaceship, Spaceship SPACESHIP 😃

Det er mange spaceship MOCs på Rebrickable, denne gangen skal vi se nærmere på MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate. Har du 2 sett av 10497 Galaxy Explorer kan du lage MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate.

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MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

Navn: Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate
Nr: MOC-140889
Designer: thebrickshipyard
Antall deler: 1887
Pris for instruks: $7.99

For mer informasjon og byggeinstruksjonen finner du på Rebrickable.

thebrickshipyard har skrevet følgene om sin MOC-140889 Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It was brought to my attention by a customer that there was some discrepancies with parts in the build and what Rebrickable inventory check shows. Therefore, I have run an analysis both from Studio into Bricklink using the parts generator and compared it to Rebrickable’s scanner. The results came to show that the difference can be explained by alternate parts (versions) and no parts are in fact missing. For example, the plate modified 2 x 6 x 2/3 with 4 studs on side, of which 2 are included in each Galaxy Explorer set, confuses Rebrickable that it’s missing when designated 72132, yet under the Bricklink inventory the part is 87609. The Rebrickable inventory checker while helpful, may not be sophisticated enough to register alternates sometimes. In the Galaxy Explorer instruction manual the part inventory shows the piece listed as 6102575. To rectify the problem and an oversight on my behalf, I have added the updated inventory lists to the purchase in xml and csv format. I reiterate that ONLY parts from 2x 10497-1 Galaxy Explorer were used to make the Nebulon-B. No extra parts required. Thank you for your attention, understanding, and patronage!


Hello Space and Star Wars Lego fans and welcome to my most ultimate premium MOC submission yet! In a much larger class and size too! A special alternative build from the combination of TWO 10497 Galaxy Explorers: the Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate! A stunning result and investment of over 2 months physical design, build, and digital execution time. You no longer need to wait for a Nebulon-B from Lego because you can start building this version today!


All you need is to own 2 copies of 10497 Galaxy Explorer (you buy separately) and then purchase the instructions (which do not include any Lego parts whatsoever) , you can build this impressive model and add it to your Space or Star Wars fleet!

The dimensions of my model are: 24.8 studs width, 75.9 studs in length, and 45.6 studs high. Put another way, a 2ft long model that is a little over a foot high. Narrow in frame and perfect for display and bookshelf spaces! It weighs 60.43 ounces or 1.7 kilograms. Not a bad weight to lift at under 4 pounds and you can hold it with one hand in the middle! Total parts are 1926 including the accessory builds (cargo, display stands, X-wing, and Tie Fighter). Note: I used additional minifigures and Star Wars heads/helmets for photographing, these of course are not sold in the Galaxy Explorer set.

My version scales very well with existing models, official or otherwise, and I believe you could use it for movie scenes, settings, hangars, and bases.

Features of this MOC: opening cockpits that seats multiple minifigures, detailed interior with control panels and seats, plus bed in medical bay, lots of storage space located under the main hold, in the engine area, and the hangar when not occupied! That’s right, this ship features a hangar to house a small Rebel X-wing (instructions included!) Maintenance and hydration station are also included. Opening floor and aft ramps for entry/egress, easily detachable roof for access. While not a perfect match to the source material, the ship still offers many notable details in a fun package.

Finally, the model is reliably stable thanks to technic and plate techniques, plus custom stands! The frame has surprisingly good rigidity, although I recommend holding with two hands when transporting. I HIGHLY recommend holding onto the spine (middle section) whenever moving. Do not lift the model from the bottom of the stands only as this will result in tipping over and a broken-down model. As you can see, the model’s center of mass is high off the ground. It’s more of a static model, but playability was not sacrificed and is encouraged. It does have some delicate areas that will come off without much force such as the engines and the tube structures along the leg. I was forced to attach these areas only using the pieces from the sets, but you may reinforce them with technic beams and other pieces from your personal collection.

You will receive the following items with your purchase:
1) Building instructions in PDF and .io (Studio) format for the Classic Space Nebulon-B
2) a parts list file compatible with Bricklink
3) a JPEG image of the Blueprint Plaque you may print for display purposes onto the plaque stand (from the instructions)


I was incredibly thorough in designing these Studio instructions with many notes, tips, and build sequences. The instructions contain 337 total pages with 478 steps! I am talking over 100 hrs spent on the instructions alone. They are not perfect instructions, but very close and very high quality.


Should you have any questions or issues about the model/instructions you are welcome to contact me. I will do my best to support customers and fans. Thank you.

The fine print: all rights to my MOCs, including this one, are RESERVED. That means unless you have my expressed permission, you MAY NOT copy, redistribute, or sell my designs to any 3[sup]rd[/sup] party. The instructions stay with you, the end buyer, and that is final. All sales are final and there are NO refunds! It is YOUR responsibility to read and to know what you are buying. There are NO exceptions to these terms and when you purchase my designs and instructions, you agree to these terms.


I spent an incredible amount of time and my life to generate this MOC, so I expect my work to be respected. Do NOT share my instructions. They are meant to be bought one per individual or within one household. Do NOT take credit for my instructions as that would be a serious violation, plagiarism, and highly unethical in the Lego community and throughout the world. Do NOT also copy my design and try to pass it off as your own work. That will be obvious and watermarks are plastered all over my instructions. If you are inspired by my design and give me credit when you build your OWN, unique version, that is ok.


Do NOT ask me to give you the instructions for free or to reduce the price. I PAID for the right to advertise on rebrickable and for the right to set what I think is a fair price.


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